Samstag, Juni 25, 2005

Space Night - Alpha Centauri

Hello World! ^_^

There once was a time when I would stay up deep into the night just to watch "Space Night", a show featuring endless video footage of the earth recorded by astronauts during their flights.

While this alone - despite being interesting - wouldn't be enough to keep me up for so long regularly, there was something else which did the trick. Sometimes - I didn't know exactly when - there were short documentarys in the program. The topics differed. Once, it was about the russion cosmonaut training center, another time about the "tunnel effect". Each and every episode was very interesting.

Later, when I wasn't watching regularly anymore, they added a new show, called "Alpha Centauri". Basically, it was just a professor holding a lecture for the camera. These lectures were great though. He managed to explain the most complex astrophysical topics so easily that everybody could follow him.

Now, years later, I discovered the Alpha Centauri web-archive of all episodes. It just made *swoosh* and I became addicted again. So for everyone who understand German (sorry, no translation available), take a look at it. You won't regret it.


PS: This is my first attempt to blogging. So while comments on the topic are welcome of course, I'm also very thankful "meta-comments" regarding my style or whatever. :)